Argos aims to circulate writing about topical matters of public and political import that is local, critical and accessible. We believe critical intellectual conversation should be heard here in Aotearoa-New Zealand, not simply published for credit in international fora for more limited and specialised audiences. Of particular interest to us is writing that grounds its concern with the public or political good of place-making in theory or philosophy.



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by Argos as You as Argos

The new Millennium arrived as a dialectic between secrecy and openness; between consolidation and dispersal of power; between privatization and public ownership; power and life, and walking has as ever been on the side of the latter. Walking stick in one hand and the hand of her mokopuna in the other, taking it slow, one foot in front of the other down a gravel road. The photograph of Dame Whina Cooper at the outset of Te Ropu Matakite, t... to my intended meaning. of interest. The force-field makes an almost imperceptible sizzling noise, its opacity flickers as the pebble hits. We learn something. What is cognised and what is mapped is the possibility of walking out of the classroom in the service of raising the consciousness of that classroom. As UfSO fellow traveller and The Dude lookalike, Stefano Harney, puts it: I felt I ought to have some way to be able to see that wor... drawing jaunty dicks and balls, surely. The sometimes jarring overlaps of academic language and actual life as lived / the geography were all feeling pretty relevant but it was nice to feel like thoughts could be what walking was for. Like you said, the references to an end of an era / the sometimes jarring overlaps of academic language and actual life as lived / the geography were all feeling pretty relevant. When i meet someone li...

...f responding to the request and placing the sign on his door. This act carries a different message to the semantics of the sign itself. As the Lecturer displays the sign, the message conveyed to all staff members and students walking past his office is: ‘I am just like you, I play my part in the system, I displayed the sign on my door just as all of you have done your little parts. You cannot badmouth me, you cannot tell on me, and informers have... the purpose of the law, I would never agree with the action of it. Take driving for example – if i drive on the road, track, or simply get in a car and make it move then I am increasing my risk of harm. Similarly for walking across the road without looking, or walking across the road at all for that matter. If we are not aware of the fact that we are risking out lives when we are driving, at 10, 20, 50, 100, or even 200 km/h then we shou...


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