Argos aims to circulate writing about topical matters of public and political import that is local, critical and accessible. We believe critical intellectual conversation should be heard here in Aotearoa-New Zealand, not simply published for credit in international fora for more limited and specialised audiences. Of particular interest to us is writing that grounds its concern with the public or political good of place-making in theory or philosophy.



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Anne Jones

Anne Jones has spent far too much of her life, foolishly struggling to make sense of the contradictions of living as a human being on earth. The puzzlement she experienced as a child in relation to the academic dryness she was expected to adopt towards the immediate vibrancy of all things living, forced her into the world of the theater, the falseness of which in turn, soon forced her back on herself in a way which plunged her deep into the abyssal depths of the human psyche, as she left the stage and dived into the reality of relationships based on human weaknesses of all kinds. This led her back into her passion for writing, allowing her to transcribe her experiences into a two hour one person performance piece called “Alive and Desperate” which led her back to the stage and into the worlds of Buddhism and Anthroposophy. These two philosophies supported her belief in the sovereignty of the human spirit in relationship to the material realm. Out of the study of these two philosophies, a new respect was born for the world of the intellect and she returned to university, where a whole new struggle evolved: one in which her thirst for learning was thwarted and narrowed by the dictates of a depleting assessment based system. Having worked her way through a Masters of Creative Writing, she has returned to a state of sanity she first experienced as a child, where she was empty of all expectations and in this empty state, finally she is now able to relax with a sense that she and everything around her is enough, as is, while relentlessly, she continues in her exploration of ways in which to convey the balance between the spiritual and the material, the active and the idle, the need for improvisational play along with the need for disciplined rigour.

Contributed Works

Joy of learning