Argos aims to circulate writing about topical matters of public and political import that is local, critical and accessible. We believe critical intellectual conversation should be heard here in Aotearoa-New Zealand, not simply published for credit in international fora for more limited and specialised audiences. Of particular interest to us is writing that grounds its concern with the public or political good of place-making in theory or philosophy.



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Pulsar 8/3/15

an addition by Tony

Such a fine gift/a watch/a reminder/that time swallows all/whole/Complete/A driven fear/of the end of our completeness/the end of wholeness/the end of our addictions/and our addictions/to air/to food/to sex/in all of its explicit illicitness/dripping and slipping/such a fine gift/a bittersweet reminder/that time swallows all/whole/Complete/It even takes with it/the fear the it produces/the ultimate greed/of longevity/Nay./I am not afraid/I welcome/the end of my addictions/the end of my completeness/Red button/Colorful diamond gets smaller/It is not as they say/”fade to black”/it is simply/’Fade to tangibility’/Such a fine gift/a watch/a reminder/that I must make/tangible/that which I must/before I become/and otherwise